The NIL Ecosystem & Athliance

February 28, 2023

The NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) ecosystem refers to the network of entities, such as athletes, universities, boosters, brands, agencies, marketplaces, and collectives, involved in the new era of college & high school sports where athletes can monetize their name, image, and likeness. Athletes can get deals through various sources such as boosters, brands, local businesses, and individuals, and these deals are often facilitated by marketplaces, agencies, booster collectives, as well as the athletes themselves reaching out to potential partners.

Athliance provides a suite of tools that streamline and automate the management of NIL deals for all parties involved, including athletes, schools, agents, marketing representatives, and booster collectives, ensuring compliance with NCAA and High School regulations while protecting the interests of athletes.

Below is a brief description of the Athliance suite of products-

  • Athliance App – A mobile application available on Android and iPhone designed for athletes to submit NIL deals, review deals, communicate with their school, and access educational resources on topics such as financial literacy, brand building, NIL compliance, and more.
  • NIL Protect PRO – This NIL deal management software for schools is built to help automate the communication and workflow of NIL deals presented to athletes. It also simplifies and automates the input, guidance, monitoring, reporting, and disclosure processes for all deals.
  • Athliance REP – This platform manages NIL deals for agents, marketing representatives, collectives, family members, and more. It empowers representatives with tools to manage the entire NIL deal workflow for their clients, removing athletes from the administrative process, while automating and assisting with deal input, disclosure, compliance, communication, and reporting for all athletes across all schools within one central dashboard.
  • Athliance Protect API – This open API feature enables integrated marketplaces and platforms to submit NIL Deals directly to Schools, removing athletes from the administrative process, to create more visibility and protect athletes by allowing school administrators to review the deals before it’s too late.

Athliance’s suite of products allows for streamlined and efficient management of NIL deals, from the initial opportunity to the final disclosure, and helps ensure compliance with High School & NCAA regulations.  Athliance is truly the only solution that ensures schools receive all of their invaluable data on all NIL deals, regardless of where the deal comes from.  This data can be used for recruiting, taxes, Title IX, and much more.

By simplifying and standardizing the management of NIL deals, Athliance helps to promote transparency, fairness, and accountability in the NIL ecosystem, which is essential for its long-term viability and success.