PointGuard Launches to Empower Long-Term Sustainability of NIL in College Athletics

August 1, 2023


PointGuard Launches to Empower Long-Term Sustainability of NIL in College Athletics


Orlando, FL – August 1st, 2023 – Today marks a historic milestone in the world of college athletics as Athliance proudly launches PointGuard, its groundbreaking NIL management platform. Designed to revolutionize the landscape of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights in college athletics, PointGuard is set to empower universities, student-athletes, and stakeholders for a sustainable and prosperous future.

The transformation of college athletics has been nothing short of revolutionary, with NIL rights and the Transfer Portal leading the charge towards a new era of professionalization in major college sports. In this ever-evolving landscape, Athliance recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that fosters collaboration, compliance, and efficiency, benefiting all parties involved.

“PointGuard represents a pivotal moment in the history of college athletics,” said Peter Schoenthal, CEO of Athliance. “As the sports world adapts to the dynamic changes brought on by NIL and other developments, PointGuard provides a vital platform that brings all stakeholders together, safeguards compliance, and paves the way for a sustainable future.”

PointGuard is built on the foundation of seamless communication and transparency, bridging the gap between student-athletes, schools, brokers, sponsors, and deal payers. By providing a unified platform, PointGuard eliminates the need for cumbersome tasks and assignments, streamlining the deal management process with unparalleled efficiency.

Key features of PointGuard include:

  • Simplified Roster Management: Invite users and experience automatic roster updates through integration with the NCAA, removing the burden of manual roster maintenance.
  • Integrated Chat Functionality: Facilitate direct communication among all stakeholders, enhancing collaboration and expediting deal negotiations.
  • Comprehensive Notes Section: Keep vital deal-related information organized and accessible in one central location.
  • PointGuard for Reps: Seamlessly manage multiple clients across various schools through an integrated dashboard, fostering smoother workflows and enhanced compliance.
  • Enhanced User Experience: PointGuard’s upgraded interface ensures a user-friendly and intuitive platform, making NIL deal management a breeze.

As the college athletics landscape continues to evolve, Athliance’s PointGuard stands ready to meet the challenges head-on. The platform’s robust capabilities and advanced integration pave the way for the long-term sustainability of NIL for all parties involved.

“At Athliance, we are committed to empowering athletes, schools, and representatives in this new era of college sports,” added Schoenthal. “PointGuard is not just a platform; it is a vision for the future, where all stakeholders collaborate and thrive together.”

The name “PointGuard” was chosen with a purposeful analogy to the role of a point guard on the basketball court. In basketball, the point guard is the quintessential playmaker, orchestrating the team’s offense and creating opportunities for their teammates to score. Similarly, PointGuard by Athliance fulfills the role of a facilitator in the NIL ecosystem, streamlining communication, managing compliance, and improving visibility for all stakeholders. With PointGuard, just like a skilled point guard on the court, we empower athletes, schools, brokers, sponsors, and deal payers to work together seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive and successful game plan in the world of college sports and NIL opportunities.

About Athliance:

Athliance is a pioneering provider of NIL solutions for college athletics. With its comprehensive suite of products under the PointGuard brand, Athliance empowers athletes, schools, and representatives to navigate the complex world of NIL deals with ease and compliance, fostering long-term sustainability for all parties involved.


Media Contact:

Sean Hughes
Director of Communications, Athliance