PointGuard for Schools & Collectives

NIL Deal Disclosure Management Platform

  • Real-Time Communication with Schools & Collectives
  • Comply with 2024 NCAA Disclosure Requirements
  • Protect Current & Future Sponsorships
  • Manage & Centralize Documents
  • Review and Comment on Deals
  • Contract & File Upload
  • Automation & Alerts
  • Audit & Investigation Support

Introducing a Comprehensive NIL
Compliance Solution

The Best Offense Is a Good Defense

PointGuard for Schools & Collectives is a proprietary deal management application that gives compliance departments the tools to automate the communication and workflow of deals presented to student-athletes from start to finish. Our NIL software solution is engineered with an intuitive user interface, expert-driven workflows developed by NCAA compliance officers, real-time alerts, and the ability to adapt and scale with new regulations.

Our platform educates student-athletes about the processes and pitfalls of NIL while simplifying and automating the input, guidance, monitoring, reporting, and disclosure processes for all deals. PointGuard for Schools & Collectives helps mitigate NIL risks and protect scholarships, sponsorships, and post-season appearances with real-time reporting of valuable data that can be used for marketing and recruiting purposes.

NIL Deal Management & Protection

  • Automate Workflows & Communication

    Our resources allow Universities & Collectives to maintain current staff levels by automating communications and workflow for every deal that is presented to student-athletes.

  • Protect Student-Athlete Eligibility

    We protect student-athletes by providing the tools to make disclosure easy, so compliance teams can catch high-risk deals before it’s too late.

  • Customize Tasks & Notifications

    Customize when and how you receive notifications for new deals, tasks, messages, and reminders via our in-app alerts, emails, or texts.

  • Expedite Disclosure From Any Device

    The Athliance app, available for both Apple and Android devices, makes the student-athlete disclosure experience as easy as possible and saves valuable time.

Simplified Disclosure Workflows & Processes

  • Streamline NIL Audits

    Capture all communication and information within each deal and save it within our archive for at least seven years to simplify NIL audits.

  • Generate Quick Reports

    Generate deal reports and provide third-party auditors with limited access to view requested athletes and deals while minimizing impact to your team.

  • Save Time, Costs & Resources

    Our tools help alleviate the stress from athletic and compliance departments and maximize their resources by efficiently managing high volumes of microtransactions.

  • Automate Communications

    Manage the growing demands of NIL while maintaining lower workloads and staff levels by automating communication, notifications, reporting, audits, and more.

Robust Learning Resources & Guidance

  • Receive Valuable NIL Knowledge

    Athliance is a solution designed to educate and protect both universities and student-athletes from the challenges surrounding Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL).

  • Attend Onsite Learning Sessions

    We educate student-athletes on the benefits and risks of NIL deals and how to best utilize the Athliance platform to protect eligibility.

  • Access Content From Experts

    When student-athletes enter a new deal, they are provided with brief educational videos specific to the type of deal they are pursuing.

  • Stay Informed With In-App Education

    Athliance offers in-app education on Taxes, Business Formation, Financial Literacy, and all things NIL.

Athliance is the trusted provider of all Classic City Collective disclosures to the UGA athletic department. Operating a collective comes with an endless amount of backend requirements. Never having to worry about the delivery or thoroughness of compliance documentation provides a security blanket allowing us to focus our efforts on revenue generation instead of administrative tasks.

Matt Hibbs
CEO | Classic City Collectives

Rollins College is thrilled to partner with Athliance. Their broad NIL knowledge, tailored to the student experience, has provided many benefits for our student athletes. The team made the implementation process easy. We are excited for the opportunity to provide such a quality NIL product for our student athletes.

Pennie Parker
Director of Athletics, Rollins College

In an area that is brand new to many departments, Athliance has provided a simple, user-friendly platform to handle Name, Image, and Likeness. Not only does Athliance assist schools in meeting the needs set forth by their State governments, but it has provided student-athletes a simple means to disclose, monitor, and track how they are utilizing their NIL. I look forward to seeing the continued growth in this area and how Athliance will continue to advance the initiatives of student-athletes and athletic departments alike!

Alex Reid
Director of Compliance, Miami University

With the brand-new national market for name, image, and likeness deals, it was important for us that we partnered with someone who understood the fast-paced business of collegiate athletics and could provide a service that maximized student-athlete benefit while maintaining flexibility and adaptability to the ever-changing landscape. We found that partner in Athliance.

Aaron Holmes
Associate Compliance Director, University of Kansas

Athliance has been a terrific partner for Georgetown Athletics as we continue to grow and build our Name, Image and Likeness endeavors to support our student-athletes. Their ability to capture what institutions, administrators and student athletes require to navigate this new landscape has been fantastic. From educational initiatives, deal management and reporting capabilities, Athliance has made the NIL space a positive for our department.

Dan Trump
Deputy Director of Athletics, Georgetown University

About Athliance

Giving Athletes & Universities a Head Start

Athliance is a team of NCAA compliance experts that has developed a proprietary deal management solution that empowers compliance departments with the tools and resources to automate communication and workflow for deals from beginning to end. Our platform educates student-athletes about the processes and pitfalls of NIL while simplifying and automating the input, guidance, monitoring, reporting, and disclosure processes.

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