Athliance Announces PointGuard: A Suite of Products for Managing NIL Deals in College Athletics

June 7, 2023



Athliance Announces PointGuard: A Suite of Products for Managing NIL Deals in College Athletics

Orlando, FL – June 8, 2023 – Athliance, a leading provider of NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) solutions for college athletics, is thrilled to introduce PointGuard, a comprehensive suite of products designed to empower athletes, schools, and representatives in the new era of college sports.

PointGuard allows for all stakeholders in the NIL ecosystems to communicate with one another without relying on the student-athletes to be a part of the administrative process. Furthermore, by centralizing the communication between all stakeholders within one software [with an open API], it allows everyone involved to mitigate any potential issue seamlessly and in an organized fashion.  PointGuard also brings together Athliance’s industry-leading tools and platforms under a unified brand, offering tailored solutions for different stakeholders in the NIL ecosystem. With the NACDA convention just around the corner, Athliance is excited to unveil PointGuard to industry professionals and showcase the power and potential of its suite of products.

The PointGuard suite includes:

  • PointGuard for Schools: Automating NIL deal management, simplifying input, guidance, monitoring, and reporting processes to ensure compliance and maximize opportunities.
  • PointGuard for Reps: Enabling representatives to effectively manage NIL deals, automate workflows, and ensure compliance for their clients across multiple schools through a centralized dashboard.
  • PointGuard API: Streamlining the submission of NIL deals directly to schools, enhancing visibility, and protecting athletes by allowing administrators to review and manage deals with ease.
  • PointGuard for Athletes: Empowering athletes to submit and review NIL deals, communicate with their schools, and access educational resources through an intuitive mobile application.

“PointGuard represents a significant milestone for Athliance and our commitment to revolutionizing the NIL landscape,” said Peter Schoenthal, CEO of Athliance. “As we unveil PointGuard at NACDA, we are excited to demonstrate the power and value of our suite of products to industry professionals, schools, and athletes.”

The NACDA show, taking place in Orlando from June 11th to 14th, will serve as an excellent venue for Athliance to showcase the capabilities and benefits of PointGuard. Attendees can visit Athliance’s booth to learn more about the suite of products and engage in insightful discussions about the future of NIL in college athletics.

Athliance is dedicated to providing innovative and comprehensive solutions that empower all stakeholders in the NIL ecosystem. With the introduction of PointGuard, Athliance continues to lead the way in helping athletes, schools, and representatives navigate the evolving landscape of college sports.

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About Athliance

Athliance is a pioneering provider of NIL solutions for college athletics. With a suite of products under the PointGuard brand, Athliance empowers athletes, schools, and representatives to navigate the complex world of NIL deals with ease and compliance. By streamlining processes and offering comprehensive tools, Athliance is revolutionizing the way colleges and athletes approach NIL opportunities.


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