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  • Comprehensive solutions for managing NIL deals.
  • Streamlined workflow for efficient deal management.
  • Ensuring compliance and mitigating risks.
  • Promoting collaboration and unification within the athletic department
  • Expertise and support for navigating the NIL landscape.
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Deal Flow Management

Tax Reporting & Documents


Automated Workflows

Guidance From NCAA Experts

API & Third-Party Integration

Athlete Eligibility Protection

Analytics Tracking & Reporting

Onsite & In-App NIL Education

Who We partner With

University Administrators
University Administrators
Brands & Marketing Agencies
Brands & Marketing Agencies
NIL Marketplaces & Agents
NIL Marketplaces & Agents

Universities & Athletics Departments

Access the most intuitive NIL management solution on the market.

Streamlined Opportunity Management & Disclosure

Our tools allow universities to maintain current staff levels by automating the communication and workflow of every single opportunity presented to student-athletes, start-to-finish.

  • Access Valuable Data Reports
  • Monitor & Potential Risks
  • Protect Current & Future Sponsorships
  • Communicate With Contractors & Athletes

Embedded Education & Student-Athlete Development Tools

Our easy-to-use app provides student-athletes with access to brief educational videos specific to the type of opportunity they are engaging with to ensure compliance.

  • Student-Athlete Eligibility Protection
  • Education on NIL Benefits & Risks
  • Onsite & In-App Learning
  • Financial & Legal Educational Resources

Advanced Marketing Analytics & Reporting Capabilities

Our platform makes it easy to access
real-time reporting, data, and insights for recruiting purposes to show prospects their earning potential.

  • Maximize NIL Opportunities
  • Obtain Student-Athlete Tax Reports
  • Receive Audit Tracking & Documentation
  • Maintain a Competitive Recruiting Advantage


Streamline & understand the opportunity disclosure process.

Expedite Deal Approvals

Our platform assists student-athletes with new processes and simplifies and automates all NIL opportunities input, approval, monitoring, reporting, and disclosure.

  • Disclose Deals to Universities
  • Identify High-Risk Opportunities
  • Access Earnings Reports & Analytics
  • Expedite Opportunity Submissions

Leverage Reporting & Data

Athliance captures all communications and information within each opportunity and saves it to our archives for at least seven years.

  • Protect Institutional Integrity
  • Access Athlete Tax Documents
  • Track & Document Audits
  • Maintain Current & Future Sponsorships

Submit & Disclose Opportunities

Our intuitive mobile-friendly interface helps student-athletes manage NIL opportunities through one centralized platform and makes it easy to submit and disclose opportunities.

  • Save on Time & Expenses
  • Utilize Expert-Driven Workflows
  • Automate Communications
  • Increase Oversight

Brands Entering the NIL Space

Play it safe by partnering with Athliance.

NIL Consultation & Guidance

Our NIL consultation services give brands the legal guidance to ensure that all NIL ventures are risk-free, compliant, and profitable.

  • Comprehensive Compliance Software
  • Detailed Consultation Meetings
  • Help Purchase Ads & Endorsements
  • Legal Product & Promotion(s) Assistance


Disclosure of NIL Opportunities

We provide a framework for disclosure based on each client’s state and opportunity type before disclosing details to universities.

  • Protect Student-Athletes
  • Easily Submit & Disclose Opportunities
  • Provide Audit Documentation to Close Deals
  • Manage Opportunities in One Platform

Multi-Level Risk Assessment

We assess liability on a federal, state, and institutional level to abide by all state-specific disclosure details and requirements.

  • Identify & Mitigate Risks
  • Avoid NCAA Sanctions & Penalties
  • Receive Legal Advice on Compliance
  • Adhere to State, Federal & Institutional Laws

NIL Marketplaces & Agents

Leave compliance to the experts while you focus on growth

Disclose & Manage Opportunities With Ease

We add integrations with popular third-party marketplaces making it easier for student-athletes to disclose opportunities.

  • Seamlessly Integrate With Our API
  • Automate Opportunity Disclosures
  • Comply With NCAA & Auditing Requirements
  • Purchase NIL Deals at Scale


Receive Consultation on Disclosure Requirements

We provide a framework for disclosure requirements and recommendations based on state-specific opportunity regulations.

  • Assess Deal Liability & Risks
  • Consult With Compliance Experts
  • Receive Guidance & Reviews on Contracts
  • Disclose Details to Applicable Universities


Stay Compliant With Changing Regulations

As NCAA rules continue to evolve, we ensure that agents are compliant and aware of liability at a federal, state, and institutional level.

  • Valuable Legal Guidance
  • Industry Insights & Updates
  • Continuous Feedback & Growth
  • In-App Educational Resources



Athliance is the trusted provider of all Classic City Collective disclosures to the UGA athletic department. Operating a collective comes with an endless amount of backend requirements. Never having to worry about the delivery or thoroughness of compliance documentation provides a security blanket allowing us to focus our efforts on revenue generation instead of administrative tasks.

Matt Hibbs
CEO | Classic City Collectives

Rollins College is thrilled to partner with Athliance. Their broad NIL knowledge, tailored to the student experience, has provided many benefits for our student athletes. The team made the implementation process easy. We are excited for the opportunity to provide such a quality NIL product for our student athletes.

Pennie Parker
Director of Athletics, Rollins College

In an area that is brand new to many departments, Athliance has provided a simple, user-friendly platform to handle Name, Image, and Likeness. Not only does Athliance assist schools in meeting the needs set forth by their State governments, but it has provided student-athletes a simple means to disclose, monitor, and track how they are utilizing their NIL. I look forward to seeing the continued growth in this area and how Athliance will continue to advance the initiatives of student-athletes and athletic departments alike!

Alex Reid
Director of Compliance, Miami University

With the brand-new national market for name, image, and likeness deals, it was important for us that we partnered with someone who understood the fast-paced business of collegiate athletics and could provide a service that maximized student-athlete benefit while maintaining flexibility and adaptability to the ever-changing landscape. We found that partner in Athliance.

Aaron Holmes
Associate Compliance Director, University of Kansas

Athliance has been a terrific partner for Georgetown Athletics as we continue to grow and build our Name, Image and Likeness endeavors to support our student-athletes. Their ability to capture what institutions, administrators and student athletes require to navigate this new landscape has been fantastic. From educational initiatives, deal management and reporting capabilities, Athliance has made the NIL space a positive for our department.

Dan Trump
Deputy Director of Athletics, Georgetown University

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