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The stakes in collegiate sports, both on and off the field, have never been higher. In addition, the number of legal and compliance issues arising from the sponsorship and governance of collegiate sports teams is growing at a rapid pace. These two factors make it imperative that universities, conferences, NIL collectives, coaches, teams, and others involved in college sports have experienced outside counsel and consultants that understand the legal and compliance issues present in today’s college sports environment.

The Athliance team is ideally suited for this role. Its team members have served as outside counsel and consultants for universities, conferences, governing bodies, coaches, NIL collectives, and others in a wide variety of collegiate sports-related matters. In addition to this experience, the
Athliance team also includes a former athletics compliance director, a former Division I college athlete, former government attorneys, and compliance officers for other highly regulated industries.

As a result of this experience, Athliance has the unique combination of extensive experience working on legal and compliance matters for universities and others in the collegiate sports world, and the investigatory, compliance, and advocacy skills that are currently necessary for the successful  representation of these entities. Current and former clients and employers of the members of the Athliance team include Power 5 and Group of 5 conferences, Power 5 and Group of 5 universities, NIL collectives affiliated with Power 5 and Group of 5 universities, the US Attorneys Office, and the
Department of Justice.

NIL Consultation & Contract Reviews

Receive legal guidance from compliance specialists.
  • Virtual Meetings

    Our experts provide virtual consults to hear the proposed NIL promotion and support all stakeholders with the resources they need to thrive in a new NIL landscape.

  • Legal Advice

    We provide expert legal advice when an athlete is entering into an approved NIL relationship with business partners and appropriate third parties.

  • Expert NIL Guidance

    Athliance gives brands the guidance they need to remain compliant, follow the rules, and confidently, securely, and legally promote their products and services.

  • Contract Reviews

    We look out for both athletes and universities by taking the time to discuss every contract, ensuring it has your best interest in mind, and providing recommendations.

Disclosure With Compliance Departments

Access a complete NIL disclosure & education solution.
  • Opportunity Disclosure

    Our software was developed by NCAA compliance officers and helps mitigate NIL risks by enabling student-athletes to disclose opportunities to universities.

  • Audit Documentation

    We provide time-saving audit support tools, customized reporting, long-term document storage, digital media warehousing, and data exporting to close out deals.

  • Custom Integrations & API

    Our app integrates with third-party marketplaces, allowing universities to monitor opportunities while making it easy for student-athletes to manage and disclose them.

  • Eligibility Protection

    Our tools make disclosure easier for university compliance teams to ensure that they can identify and mitigate high-risk opportunities before it is too late.

Federal, State & NCAA Risk Assessment

Comply with all state, federal, & NCAA legislation.
  • Assess Deal Liability

    We assess deal liability on a federal, state, and institutional level by providing a clear framework for state-specific disclosure details and requirements.

  • Monitor Potential Risks

    We effectively manage opportunities, communicate with contractors and student-athletes while monitoring potential risks and running valuable reports.

  • Stay NCAA Compliant

    Our consulting service provides brands with the legal guidance to purchase NIL deals in a safe, compliant manner, accounting for all regulations.

  • Mitigate NIL Risks

    Athliance mitigates NIL risks for universities and student-athletes while protecting scholarships, sponsorships, and post-season appearances.

Athliance is the trusted provider of all Classic City Collective disclosures to the UGA athletic department. Operating a collective comes with an endless amount of backend requirements. Never having to worry about the delivery or thoroughness of compliance documentation provides a security blanket allowing us to focus our efforts on revenue generation instead of administrative tasks.

Matt Hibbs
CEO | Classic City Collectives

Rollins College is thrilled to partner with Athliance. Their broad NIL knowledge, tailored to the student experience, has provided many benefits for our student athletes. The team made the implementation process easy. We are excited for the opportunity to provide such a quality NIL product for our student athletes.

Pennie Parker
Director of Athletics, Rollins College

In an area that is brand new to many departments, Athliance has provided a simple, user-friendly platform to handle Name, Image, and Likeness. Not only does Athliance assist schools in meeting the needs set forth by their State governments, but it has provided student-athletes a simple means to disclose, monitor, and track how they are utilizing their NIL. I look forward to seeing the continued growth in this area and how Athliance will continue to advance the initiatives of student-athletes and athletic departments alike!

Alex Reid
Director of Compliance, Miami University

With the brand-new national market for name, image, and likeness deals, it was important for us that we partnered with someone who understood the fast-paced business of collegiate athletics and could provide a service that maximized student-athlete benefit while maintaining flexibility and adaptability to the ever-changing landscape. We found that partner in Athliance.

Aaron Holmes
Associate Compliance Director, University of Kansas

Athliance has been a terrific partner for Georgetown Athletics as we continue to grow and build our Name, Image and Likeness endeavors to support our student-athletes. Their ability to capture what institutions, administrators and student athletes require to navigate this new landscape has been fantastic. From educational initiatives, deal management and reporting capabilities, Athliance has made the NIL space a positive for our department.

Dan Trump
Deputy Director of Athletics, Georgetown University

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Athliance is a team of NCAA compliance experts that has developed a proprietary opportunity management solution that empowers compliance departments with the tools and resources to automate communication and workflow for opportunities from beginning to end. Our platform educates student-athletes about the processes and pitfalls of NIL while simplifying and automating the input, guidance, monitoring, reporting, and disclosure processes.

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