Athliance launches NIL Education, Compliance, and Opportunity Management Platform

July 1, 2021

MIAMI, FL, Jul. 1, 2021 — As the NCAA approaches its self-imposed deadline to ratify its “Name, Image, Likeness” legislation this upcoming January, there is still a plethora of unknown variables facing both Universities and Student-Athletes.  One thing that is absolutely clear is the demand this new burden will place on university compliance departments to ensure their student-athletes do not jeopardize their most valuable asset- their eligibility.

The NCAA has maintained a strict policy of amateurism over the past 115 years with its student-athletes, and with the ratification of this legislation, student-athletes will begin to profit off of their own name, image, and likeness beginning in July of 2021.

Florida-based Athliance was founded with the objective to largely mitigate the expected strain that NIL opportunity management is going to place on university compliance departments nationwide.

Athliance provides a comprehensive solution that will not only assist with educating student-athletes about the new processes and pitfalls, but also simplify and automate the input, approval, monitoring, and reporting process for all NIL opportunities. Athliance has been designed with direct input from university compliance personnel, administrators, athletic directors, and former athletes.

Recognizing that this is an entirely new problem that compliance departments have not faced in the past, the team at Athliance began addressing every possible scenario that may arise from the ratification of this legislation.  Each new opportunity that arises for student-athletes to profit off of their NIL presents a new challenge for compliance to ensure the student-athletes are protected from the countless pitfalls that will also arise.

Athliance has designed a proprietary opportunity management software that will empower compliance departments with the tools and resources needed to automate the communication and workflow of every single opportunity presented to student-athletes, start-to-finish.  These opportunities will be required to provide minimum “disclosures” of all details by the proposed NCAA legislation.

While this monumental change in NCAA legislation will open the door for student-athletes to take advantage of their NIL, there are going to be countless scenarios where this legislation will put athletes and universities at serious risk.

Disclosures- specifically the management of disclosures- will be of paramount importance in order for universities to maintain institutional control.

Athliance also educates student-athletes on ways to maximize their NIL, while also focusing on how to do so properly, in order to protect their eligibility.  They do so with both initial on-site education sessions and ongoing ‘in-app’ education.

Athliance is accepting licensing agreements with universities for its proprietary native and web application beginning in the Spring of 2021.  For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit


Athliance is a comprehensive NIL software solution built by NCAA compliance experts for university compliance departments to automate the most time-and-resource-intensive challenges brought on by NIL. A diverse team of athletic directors and compliance officers from several universities across the country have directed the platform’s development; it combines powerful education, opportunity management, communication, reporting, and disclosure tools into a single platform. To learn more, visit


Sean Hughes

SOURCE Athliance Holdings, Inc DBA Athliance

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