ATHLIANCE Is Changing the Game for NIL & Student-Athletes

July 1, 2021
"Athliance," An NCAA® NIL Disclosure Management & Education App, is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
"Athliance," An NCAA® NIL Disclosure Management & Education App, is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, July 1, 2021 – Athliance continues to make vital partnerships and strategic moves toward ensuring its platform provides the best NIL management solutions for institutions and  student-athletes.

Recently, Athliance has spoken with several publications on NIL, including what to expect about the NIL process, possible struggles for institutions, and most importantly, how Athliance is changing the landscape for NIL and student-athletes.

Here are some of the recent updates and articles about Athliance:

Compliance Pitfalls and Trends to Watch as NCAA Readies NIL Legislation – Sports Business Journal

In anticipation of the upcoming NCAA Division I Council decision on NIL, institutions and athletes everywhere are preparing for the decision to move forward and for marketing opportunities to take off. But while the excitement has mainly focused on the opportunities for recruiting and marketing, the underlying issue of compliance will be key.

Noncompliance could result in loss of athletes’ eligibility, lack of institutional control sanctions, and even federal indictments.

“[Schools] need a software where the student-athlete can submit the opportunity to get an eligibility determination, so they don’t make a mistake,” Schoenthal said. “These kids are not going to know the law inside and out. Schools will have a better opportunity to decipher the law, and they need to be able to help their athlete, but their hands have been tied through the legislation. If they can’t bring the opportunities and they can’t negotiate for the players, how are they going to know what their athletes are doing before it’s too late, i.e., money exchanging hands?” Athliance has been working with universities (Kansas, Arizona, Georgetown, and Boston College along with others) to meet with their compliance officers and get first-hand feedback on what will be necessary and helpful for all parties involved when it comes to NIL compliance. Read more on Sports Business Journal.

With state laws looming, many NIL questions remain unanswered – Rivals

July 1st is the date that has people buzzing as it’s the projected date for student-athletes to begin accepting NIL deals, pending the NCAA enactment of legislation. But as things move forward, many questions are still left unanswered surrounding the opportunities that may arise, including how student-athletes will remain compliant within these new parameters.

Schoenthal, whose Athliance software helps student-athletes stay compliant, thinks review boards and compliance departments will be crucial in helping things run smoothly and for athletes to stay within legal boundaries while navigating NIL deals.

“There has been a lot of smoke out there that marketing and branding is the most important faction of NIL, and I disagree with that,” Schoenthal said. “The way I see NIL going is athletes are going to sign up for either third-party marketplaces … or 90 percent of these deals, kids will get Twitter DMs or Facebook messages, moms and dads will be approached, and eventually schools will educate their athletes.

If an athlete gets an opportunity, there will be certain things that must be disclosed to the NCAA, and if there is an issue with some of those deals, then there will be consequences.”


Q&A with Athliance CEO Peter Schoenthal talking all things NIL – The Knight Report

The CEO of Athliance, Peter Schoenthal, has been around athletes his whole life. As a former high school athlete himself, he grew up to coach other high school athletes and eventually helped them with recruiting. When the NIL announcement was made, Schoenthal had several former players reach out to him asking how they could make money off this. But as a former attorney, he knew the complications and risks involved and decided to help these students navigate the legal side of NIL offers

Schoenthal spoke with The Knight Report on all things NIL, how Athliance plays a big part in that, and what’s on the horizon for student-athletes:

What exactly do you do for athletes?

“We built a software that when an athlete gets an opportunity, it allows them to input the opportunity and the details of it into our software so our compliance officers can review, make an eligibility determination so the athlete can go and safely profit off their NIL and then after we help the university to gather the information to disclose it to the NCAA to make sure everything is above board.”

We recently saw players like Geo Baker, Jordan Bohannon, and others start the hashtag #NotNCAAProperty to promote awareness about the situation.

Do you feel as though them doing all this has helped escalate the process?


“Oh, most definitely. What happened was they did not anticipate the pull and the voice that these athletes have as Mckenzie Milton went on Twitter, and so did some other players too, and because of them and them alone, the Florida legislature went back to July 1st of 2021.”

What is currently happening between NCAA and the NIL rights?

“I believe every school and every state will be live on July 1st. Now let me explain why.”

Read the answer to this question and more on The Knight Report

About Athliance

Athliance has designed a proprietary NIL education and opportunity management software that empowers compliance departments to operate more efficiently in the new world of college athletics. Our tools and resources allow Universities to maintain current staff levels by automating the communication and workflow of every single opportunity presented to student-athletes, start-to-finish. Our solution mitigates NIL risks and protects scholarships, sponsorships, and post-season appearances. Furthermore, our real-time reports provide valuable data and insights for marketing and recruiting purposes.


Sean Hughes

SOURCE: Athliance

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