Athliance Anticipates NCAA Legislative Changes, Offers Ready-Made NIL Compliance Solution

November 29, 2023

Orlando, Florida – 11/29/2023: As the NCAA gears up for pivotal legislative changes in January concerning Name, Image, and Likeness activities, Athliance emerges as a proactive leader, having developed a comprehensive compliance solution well in advance. Anticipating the evolving needs in the NIL space, Athliance’s innovative platform is set to revolutionize compliance management for colleges and universities nationwide.

“Understanding the complexities and future direction of NIL regulations, Athliance has strategically positioned itself at the forefront of compliance technology,” said Sean Hughes, CEO of Athliance. “Our platform is not just a response to the legislative changes; it’s a step ahead, offering a streamlined, intuitive solution for the challenges that institutions are about to face.”

Key Features of Athliance’s Compliance Solution, PointGuard:

  • Automated NIL deal disclosure process in line with the proposed NCAA’s new 30-day requirement.
  • Centralized management of NIL activities, integrating data from various sources into a single interface.
  • Free and open API, encouraging transparency and ease of use for deal bringers and institutions.
  • Advanced features such as scam protection, risk monitoring, and a comprehensive educational suite.

As colleges and universities navigate the impending changes, Athliance provides a vital tool to ensure seamless compliance. The platform’s capabilities extend beyond mere compliance management, offering enhancements in recruitment and fundraising efforts by showcasing a program’s commitment to transparency and athlete welfare.

“The NIL landscape is rapidly evolving, and institutions need a partner who understands not only the compliance aspect but the broader impact on collegiate athletics,” added Sean Hughes. “Athliance is that partner, equipped to handle today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.”

Athliance invites institutions to take advantage of an exclusive preview of its software in December, demonstrating firsthand how the platform can simplify NIL compliance processes. This initiative is part of Athliance’s commitment to support the integrity and future of collegiate sports.

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About Athliance:

Athliance is a leading provider of NIL compliance solutions, designed to streamline the complex process of managing NIL activities in collegiate sports. Developed by experts in NCAA compliance, Athliance’s mission is to empower institutions and athletes to navigate the NIL landscape confidently and compliantly.


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